For Your Outdoor Gear

Whether you are an experienced global adventurer or you are a weekend family camper, down is the best product for sleeping bags for these reasons:

  • Down is nature’s best insulator, so it will keep you warm at night;
  • Down provides with warmth with less weight than other natural and synthetic materials, so it will be lighter to carry;
  • Down compresses more easily than other materials, making your total gear kit more compact;
  • Down is durable and creates a loft that helps to keep you warm.

When shopping for a new down and feather sleeping bag, the key element to look for is the fill power. Fill power is an indicator of the insulating ability of down products. The amount of volume, or space, of one ounce of down, when measured, is what the fill power represents. The more volume taken up by one ounce of down, the higher the fill power will be; and most importantly for campers, the higher the fill power, the more insulation the product will provide per one ounce.   Most experienced campers opt for a fill power of 900 as optimum.

Down’s value is a result of its ability to provide lightweight warmth. As the fill power of down increases, it is possible to use less weight in the product while achieving the same warmth provided by heavier products. It is important to keep this weight to warmth aspect in mind, if you will be carrying your sleeping bag far distances while you are camping and hiking.