About Down and Feather

Light as air with warmth that adjusts to our internal thermostats, down and feather is a part of our lives.  We find it in our

  • Homes:  In the pillows and comforters that keep us comfortable and contribute to healthy sleep;
  • Apparel: In the jackets and mittens that keep out the winter cold;
  • Sporting Gear: In the sleeping bags that we zip into on camping trips.

Down and feather is an important and popular part of our lives because it is natural, environmentally recyclable and its manufacture requires a far lower carbon footprint than synthetic materials that keep us warm.

Natural … warm … green.

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The Sustainable and Humane Practices of the Down and Feather Industry

Picture1Explore the sustainable and humane practices behind one of today’s most popular filling materials

Research on the global down and feather industry reports that the down and feathers used in bedding, apparel and outdoor gear are a byproduct of an enormous, efficient and highly-regulated global poultry industry.